New Job at Electronic Arts

I have officially joined the game industry! After 8 years in the film and feature animation industry, I decided to switch over and try the game industry. I accepted a Craft Director position at Visceral Games of Electronic Arts where I will be helping with character and cinematics technology. Lots of exciting challenges await!

Packt’s 2000th Title Sale


Packt Publishing has published its 2000th title and is having a sale of buy one, get one free across their whole eBook catalog. Use the link above to take advantage of the sale. There’s a lot of nice tech books in there with some good material if you’re in the mood to learn something new.

CGCircuit Request a Lesson

I have some lessons in mind but I am curious as to what sort of lessons people are interested in.

Possible topics could be:

  • Writing a Wrap Deformer
  • Writing Mesh Collision Deformer
  • Writing a Production Pipeline with Django
  • Facial Rigging for VFX
  • Advanced Maya API
  • PySide for VFX and Animation

Comment on this post and suggest a lesson!

Packt Publishing Columbus Day Campaign

columbus extended

Packt Publishing is currently running a Columbus day Campaign. You can get 50% off all ebooks and videos by using the discount code COL50 at checkout

Packt Publishing is giving everyone the chance to explore its full range of over 1600 DRM-free eBooks this Columbus Day at a massive 50% off at, until Monday October 21. Customers simply use the code COL50 in their cart – as many times as they like until Monday October 21. The offer even extends to Packt’s bestselling pre-order of 2013, the highly acclaimed Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS.

But that’s not all – to mark the transition out of beta stage, the publisher will also be including its Packt Video product range in this limited offer. These practical screencast tutorials give users the working knowledge they need to get the job done, and all videos will be featured in the Columbus Day sale at 50% off – that includes the hugely popular Kali Linux – Backtrack Evolved: A Penetration Tester’s Guide.

The exclusive 50% discount code COL50 will be active on all eBooks and Videos until Monday October 21.

DirectX 11.1 Game Programming Review

DirectX 11.1 Game Programming is a short book (146 pages) that introduces readers to programming Metro-style applications using DirectX 11.1. I found the majority of the DirectX 11 content to be mostly a rehash of what is freely available in the documentation and samples online at the Microsoft Dev Center. The only parts I found interesting were the Graphics Diagnostics discussion of Visual Studio 2012 (which I was unfamiliar with) and the short comparison discussion on different multithreading techniques. Other than that, the examples were largely uninteresting and the amount of time spent on each topic is so short and high level, readers will most likely get more out of just downloading a sample from the Dev Center and reading the documentation.