A Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol was my first feature film.  At the beginning of my employment I helped rig the low resolution layout rigs for use in Motion Builder.  This mostly consisted of weight painting and running batch scripts.  Once I learned how to use the Maya API, I quickly moved into the technical team of IMD’s Rigging department where I created and collaborated on custom deformers using C++ and the Maya API, rig building scripts using Python, and dozens of animation, modeling, and shot finaling tools.  Most of these tools formed the basis of the deformation rigs on A Christmas Carol as well as part of the main rigging toolbox that we used at IMD.

I contributed heavily to the facial animation and deformation pipeline and helped create the rig that uses actor facial performance data to drive character face rigs.  Throughout A Christmas Carol, I was mainly in charge of developing and maintaining our Maya API toolset, building and supporting the facial rigs, and rigging some shot-specific special needs rigs.

Assets that I rigged and/or maintained include:

  • Marley’s Ghost face.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past face.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present face.
  • The entire Cratchit family faces.
  • Old Joe face.
  • Portly businessmen faces.

I also rigged shot specific rigs such as

  • Marley’s jaw ripping off.
  • Characters morphing into other characters
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present’s skull rig.