Maya Technology Demos

More technology demos!

First is a dynamic transform node. The node is applied to various joints and IK handles. The node can also drive arbitrary attributes so they behave dynamically as well.

Next is a custom jiggle deformer. The reasons why I created my own jiggle deformer as opposed to using Maya’s jiggle deformer is because of speed and ease of use. Mine runs a lot faster and is easier to use.

And last is my own wrap deformer. As you can see, mine gives a cleaner result. It also has the ability to rebind vertex associations so if vertices are wrapped to the wrong section of the driving mesh, you can rebind them to be driven by another section of the mesh.

Stay tuned for more!

One thought on “Maya Technology Demos”

Matt July 6, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Those are all really amazing, the custom jiggle deformer is very interesting as I haven’t seen one that scales so nice and smooth. None of them had any weird flickering artifacts either, great stuff.

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