Coming Soon: Creating a GPU-Driven Wrap Deformer in Maya 2016
Jun 23, 2015 API CGCircuit Maya
My next video series is in progress. You can check out the introduction video here and download the open source code on my GitHub.

Creating a Custom Jiggle Deformer
Jul 15, 2012 API CG CGCircuit Maya
I have created another video series over at CGCircuit.com. This one is titled Creating a Custom Jiggle Deformer and goes over the creation of a custom jiggle deformer that you can use in your projects. Check it out here. And here is the intro video:

CGCircuit Open to the Public
May 27, 2012 API CGCircuit Maya
CGCircuit.com is now open to the public. My Maya API video series and Applied 3d Math series are now available for purchase without the need for an invitation. Check them out if you haven't already.

Reflection Locator
Sep 25, 2011 API CGCircuit Maya
Here is another sample from my upcoming Maya API video series. In the video I discuss custom locators and go through how to implement them. The video series should be available around January 2012.

Draw Curve Context
Sep 19, 2011 API CGCircuit Maya
This is a demo of a Maya context that I developed as part of my upcoming Maya API instructional video series. It draws curves from a mesh. It could be used to draw hair curves or something along those lines. The video series should be available around January 2012.

Maya Move Brush
Jun 14, 2011 API Maya Plug-ins
For some reason, the Maya artisan tool does not have a move brush so I wrote my own.

Maya API Notes
Apr 25, 2010 API Maya
I started putting up pages about the Maya API with C++ and Python. I'll be adding to it more in the future. Check it out here.