Faceshift and Sven
Aug 14, 2013 CAMd CG
Faceshift, the markerless facial capture company, demonstrated their latest tech at Siggraph using the Sven character from Autodesk's Hyperspace Madness project. We helped out with the rigging. I wrote the facial system and our awesome modelers created the facial shapes. You can check out Sven at both the 4:09 mark and the 6:30 mark. The quality achieved with Faceshifts system is pretty impressive! Update: Found some more videos

Creating a Custom Jiggle Deformer
Jul 15, 2012 API CG CGCircuit Maya
I have created another video series over at This one is titled Creating a Custom Jiggle Deformer and goes over the creation of a custom jiggle deformer that you can use in your projects. Check it out here. And here is the intro video:

Short Animation
Nov 19, 2010 CG
A few former coworkers of mine worked together to put together this little animation using a couple of rigs I made. Check it out: Animation - George Aleco-Sima LookDev/Rendering - Brad Falk Textures - Terry Molatore Rigs and Creature Model - Chad Vernon Matte Paint - Alfonso Villar Sound Effects - Kyle Gray Technical Wizard - Geordie Martinez

Sticky Lips Test
Dec 14, 2008 CG
This is a test of a sticky lips deformer I wrote. The first time the character opens his mouth, there is no sticky lip effect. The second time he opens his mouth, you can see the slight stickiness taper off on his lips which you can see in people when their lips are somewhat dry.